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From the deepest depths of the Netherlands music scene, an eclectic rock band with a strange twist.

Hessa released there first EP and they perform a wet, hot, loud and a bit of sexy rock music.

After years and years it was by accident that we met again, somewhere in the streets of Rotterdam. Some drinks later at a local bar, we decided to start the band again. Everybody was excited and filled with a lot of energy and creativity for a next round of rock and roll. We named the band Hessa. It was a new beginning and it felt like coming home.

It feels like pure magic again. It pounds, it growls, the rhythm section is solid as a rock. And really important we create a kick-ass sound which is really good.

Hessa finnished working on there first EP with five catchy songs on it. We recorded the songs at Michels studio in Brielle, the Netherlands. It is mixed and mastered and produced by Cani M. Ceaser from Barcelona.



Jeanette - Vocal Pleasure

Rob - Shredding Guitar

Alivio - bass devastation

Gil - Drums and other things